Playstation 4. The power is in your home

Playstation 4 was born for us to play with the best titles offering graphics and plots of video games at the highest level. We just need to connect it to the TV, and we’ll have fun, be yourself, and online. Under the hood of the Playstation 4 we find an AMD 8-core x86 Jaguar, which is accompanied by a graphics card AMD Radeon Liverpool from 1.84 Tflop. The memory consists of 8GB of GDDR5. The hard disk offers 500 GB of storage space, which will allow us to install all the games you want! The new console also comes with a Blu Ray player (also 3D) and DVD. We also have USB 3.0 ports, a space dedicated to the Ethernet cable, Bluetooth, and an HDMI port. The extensive connectivity options also expands the opportunity to connect with iPhone and iPad. There is no shortage Android and PS Vita. The user interface is really revolutionary. The services that Sony offers are fantastic, everyone, one by one.


But the chances of the Playstation 4 will not end here!
The new Playstation 4 brings games to a new level, with a graphic that Playstation 3 has not always seen. But the novelty, are reported especially in the online. With Playstation Plus we can take advantage of some features that are not on the Playstation Network. For example, PS Plus it gives us the chance to try out as a demo, then if the game we love you to download full version in order to play a full hour. Finally we can decide to buy the game.
Another interesting possibility is to play it download the content, or while we download the game, we can already play. There is no need to write more , but surely, we can write really so much on a console that remains, according to me, still a span forward to Xbox One.

Manuel De Maria



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